Book Now For Engine Rebuilds!

Book Now For Engine Rebuilds!

Travel Lambretta are pleased to now be able to offer an Engine Rebuild Service. We now have an offsite workshop and a well experienced mechanic joining the team who has spent the past 20 years building and restoring Lambrettas. 

Travel Lambretta will be taking on engine rebuild work only. 

Is your beloved engine ready for a rebuild? Maybe we can help......If it's a basic rebuild or something more exotic get in touch now! 

  • £200.00 for basic engine rebuilds plus parts. For £200.00 you will need to provide us a cleaned and stripped down engine.
  • £250.00 for basic engine rebuilds plus parts. For £250 you will provide us a complete engine, Travel Lambretta will strip it and give the Casing, Mag Housing and Sidecase a basic clean.

The £200.00 or £250.00 cost is for rebuild work only on the basis there are no issues with any casings or components.  If there are any issues, fear not!!!! Travel Lambretta can offer a range and services including:

  • Welding.
  • Aluminium Welding
  • Vapor Blasting.
  • Shot Blasting.
  • Powder Coating.
  • Re-Zincing.
  • Re-Bore Service.

We can also provide most spare parts as Travel Lambretta now has accessibility to brands such as:

  • Scootopia.
  • Casa Lambretta.
  • Casa Performance.
  • BGM.
  • AF Rayspeed.
  • SIP.
  • Granturismo.
  • Jockeys Boxenstop.
  • Tutto Lambretta.
  • Mec Eur.
  • Ricambio Rapido.
  • Avanti.

We're not snobs here, we can cater for all types of budgets and can offer a package whereby the customer can pay instalments using various payment methods. 

Contact us today for pricing and time scales.

Click the Chat With Us button to the right side of your screen.


Phone/Whatsapp: 07805030547

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