eBay v Webstore (pros and cons)

eBay v Webstore (pros and cons)

Last October I managed to get around to really giving the Vespa parts range a go. Understanding that Scooter Vista is a fairly new company that had just been rebranded, I knew website traffic was going to be near nothing. I didn't have the option of spending money on adverts so I decided to build up the eBay store. This is something I consider to be a success considering the Vespa range is still work in progress. Since October we have sent out a hell of a lot of eBay orders and now have a great repeat customer base. Each order we ship has an invoice with company information on and a Scooter Vista sticker. Each invoice comes with a note stating our social media profiles and website information.  Along with this we add a discount code to use on www.scootervista.com for your next order. This is the point I am left scratching my head slightly?????? out of all the orders (that I am grateful for) only 2 customers have ever chosen to go on the website and use the discount code. 

We all know selling on eBay can be expensive due to listing and selling fees, along with this we run software to keep stock from the website and eBay true (at a cost of each eBay sale). With this, I naturally thought it would be great to get customers from eBay to the webstore by offering a small discount. This way, the customer gets a slightly cheaper product and Scooter Vista saves money on eBay fees. For whatever reason this has not been the case and am left wondering how and why? I do understand eBay policy always favour the buyer that may put the buyer at ease but to counter this the seller has feedback. I guess the question is how do you get customers to use the website rather than eBay?

Some things you need to know regarding web orders from Scooter Vista :

  • Once you add your address at the checkout you will be offered two types of postage services. You do not have to commit to buying before hand.
  • We refund any extra post costs back to the customer that is left over.
  • We are UK based.
  • All orders are shipped daily just like eBay.
  • All parts include VAT clearly.
  • There are various ways of payment including PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay.
  • We have notification buttons for out of stock products.
  • Instant message box for users. 
  • Clear images of the actual products that are for sale and not like for like products.
  • There's no minimum order spend.
  • All parts are to a quality that we would use on our own work.
  • We offer fair terms regarding returns and refunds.

I hope this clears up some concerns to new customers as some of the above have been raised questions in recent months. 

Happy scootering all, the sun is coming!




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