Gingers "Bluebird" GP Engine Rebuild

Gingers "Bluebird" GP Engine Rebuild

Local customer Ginger came in asking for a simple clutch plate change as he thought there was something not quite right with his GP. Obviously we agreed to this and started on the job. As you do, we went to drain the engine oil but this wasn't to be as there wasn't even a single drop in the engine, it was bone dry. Once the sidecase was off the first thing we noticed was the obliterated top chain guide with added bits inside the gearbox. We could also see that the Kickstart shaft was not shimmed correctly causing ware on the clutch.....this was clearly becoming a big can of worms. At this point we had to contact Ginger to give him the news. Basically, other than the oil seals just about everything else was bone dry and burnt to a crisp. 

With this news Ginger decided to go for it. Installation of a BGM RT195 kit with new guts for his engine. Firstly we had everything vapour blasted, powder coated the cowls and replated whatever salvageable parts that were left. 


We decided on keeping the engine standard(ISH) using 

  • Tameni GP roadrace crank.
  • RT195 Cylinder Kit.
  • PHBL 25mm Carb.
  • BGM Inlet Manifold.
  • Reverse BGM clubman exhaust.
  • BGM Engine Mounts.
  • Traditional clutch set up using surflex components.
  • RAM Filter.
  • FAG Bearings and BGM rear hub bearing.
  • Jockeys Boxenstop Stop Viton E10 oil seals.
  • Jockeys Boxenstop push pull chain guide.
  • Regina chain.
  • MB Scooters front cush drive components.
  • Italian front and rear sprockets.
  • Italian gear selector and layshaft.

And a combination and BGM & MB Scooters parts for everything else. 

Once this was done we also removed the old school Indian forks replaced with Italian forks (provided by soupy)using progressive springs with MB scooters buffers and internals, we also added some FA Italia original style front dampers then fitted a SPAQ Hydraulic disc brake. At this point it was decided to go the "whole hog" and whip the legshields off to replace the loom for a fancy MB Scooters loom that has optional wires for a fuel light and front brake light switch and we also fitted new cables. Along with this we've fitted new legsheild badges and body gaskets. We then popped down to Cardiff Tints & Vehicle Wraps to have the black horncast and mudguard flashes added. All that needs adding are new handlebar grips and possible removal of the fly screen (happy days). 

We really do hope this year Ginger will be out having fun on this. Taking it out on a test ride every few days has been fun, once run in this is going to be a cracker!

If you need work on your scooter, feel free to contact us.


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