Lambretta DL/GP Restoration Packs Now Available!

Lambretta DL/GP Restoration Packs Now Available!

This one should get the DL/GP fans going!!!!


Travel Lambretta have put these Restoration Packs together for Lambretta DL/GP125/150/200 models. 

Rather than you trolling through websites searching for all the bits you need, you can now go to this product page, click once and you will have everything you need. 

These kits consist of mainly Scootopia products which we all know to be decent, the parts we are unable to get from Scootopia we have replaced with Casa Lambretta products. This kit has the following parts in:

  • Handle bar Grips.
  • Horncast Side & Base Rubbers.
  • Mudguard Rubbers.
  • Legshield Rubbers.
  • Brake Pedal Rubber.
  • Bridge Rubbers.
  • Cable tube (inside bridge).
  • Air Scoop Rubber.
  • Side Panel Rubbers.
  • Tail Lamp Rubber.
  • Mud Flap.

You will get a Floor kit that consists of

  • Aluminium Floor Channels.
  • Rubber Inserts.
  • Floor End Caps.
  • Floor Plastics.

You will also get our

  • Friction Free Cable set.
  • Speedo Cable.
  • Front Brake/Speedo Guide.
  • Cable/Loom Tie set.
  • 12 Volt Loom (non battery).
  • Engine/Frame Earth Wire.
  • Tail Lamp Earth Wire.
  • Top Legshield End Caps.
  • Bottom Sharks Teeth. 
  • Side Panel Buffer & Clip set.
  • Toolbox Rubber. Toolbox Buffer set.
  • Stand Feet & Pins.
  • Kickstart Rubber.
  • Fuel Tap Grommet.
  • Rear Frame Grommets.
  • Top Airbox Rubber.
  • Oval Air Filter Gasket.
  • Fuel Tank Buffer set. 
  • Flywheel Cowl Grommets.
  • 2 x Triangle Rubber (for HT Lead & Throttle Cable).
  • HT Leg Grommet.
  • Toolbox Pin.
  • Fuel Flap Pin.

Basically this will get you on your way with no messing!!!!

You can find these in our Body & Trim Section or you can CLICK HERE


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