Lambretta LI150 Series 3 Engine Rebuild

Lambretta LI150 Series 3 Engine Rebuild

We were contacted by Michael regarding his Lambretta, this was his first Lambretta for a number of years & he wanted to get it roadworthy and safe.

Once we got this LI back to the unit it was clear that the previous owner (possibly in the 1990s) had way too much fun on it. Everything was beaten, worn and along with a lot of homemade parts this Lambretta was was ready for some TLC. 

We were very much aware this project could get way out of hand regarding costs, it was quickly decided it would be cheaper for the engine to be rebuilt rather than patched up. 

Firstly the Casings were Vapour Blasted, once back everything was inspected and checked over. We decided the way forward was a Scootopia 185 kit. Along with the kit, a Tameni GP Crank, Viton Seals, FAG Bearings, IWIS Chain, BGM Layshaft, MEC Selector along with all the other odds and sods were replaced. A 22mm Carb and AF Rayspeed Exhaust was fitted to finish it off.  New MB Scooters Loom (a gem to fit), new cables were fitted, Headset, Fork & Hubs checked over and rebuilt. 

With a bit of elbow grease to clean up the bodywork, this Lambretta is back to its former glory. 

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