Rob's GP "give it the once over"

Rob's GP "give it the once over"

Local customer Rob recently brought a GP after having a few years away from scootering. He popped down to the unit after talking to his pal Will about letting us giving it the once over for peace of mind and also to fit some adjustable BGM front dampers. Agreeing on work, Rob decided on a disc brake conversion as well as the dampers. With that, he asked for a once over the bike to make sure all was good as he is planning on putting a few miles on it over 2024. 

With this we got to work with the task in hand!

Timing was checked and corrected along with carb settings for his muggelo. We found both needed a lot of adjustment, timing was well out and so was the jetting. With those two corrected we then found the wiring loom, ignition switch and light switch was a bit crusty along with old cables. It was a case of stripping everything down for a good overhaul. Along with the issue of a crusty loom we found the previous owner had soldered the loom to the rear light bulb (not ideal). MB Scooters loom fitted along with a new tail lamp, front brake light switch, fuel gauge warning light, new cables fitted and light switch. We also found a lot of play in the handlebar so new rollers, control rods, sims and a good clean was required. Also fitted was a fork overhaul kit and new steering bearings. 

It was great to complete this and get the GP back to Rob. We hope 2024 will be a great year for getting out and about on his revamped GP. 





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