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Jockeys Boxenstop

Moto Nostra Lambretta Series 1 & 2 LI TV LED Headlamp & Fixings

Moto Nostra Lambretta Series 1 & 2 LI TV LED Headlamp & Fixings

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Jockeys Boxenstop / Moto Nostra German made LED Headlamp for all Lambretta Series 1, 2 LI & TV models including Spanish models.

To be used on a D.C. set up.

Nostra: LED headlights with E9 marking (road approval) and luminous high/dipped headlights. An additional feature is a separately switchable (Halo) position light. With a diameter of 120mm.

LED: The limit with conventional Bilux incandescent lamp headlight bulb is 45/45w on most scooters. More give the usually 80w to 120w in performing ignitions. The luminosity measured in lumens is less than 400.

The LED headlight has a luminosity over three times as high (1200 lumens). The current consumption is only 20w. This corresponds to the luminous efficacy of a conventional 100 watt headlight.

Thus, with a given alternator / power supply, a significantly better illumination can be achieved. In addition, more capacity remains for other consumers.

Cable colours:

  • Black = mass

  • White= dipped headlight

  • Red= high beam

  • Green = position light (ring)

Fitting Instructions


The LED headlight works exclusively with direct current, so it requires a battery or other equivalent power source with 12V DC. Operation on an alternating current voltage source leads to an immediate defect. The headlight has no vehicle-specific mounts."

The delivery includes: - Moto Nostra LED headlight Ø 120mm with E-marking - retaining ring incl. mounting material "Made in Bayern" - 4x squeeze connector - cable cover - 2x cable ties

Lambretta models this part will fit:

Lambretta Series 1 LI125, LI150 & TV175.

Lambretta Series 2 LI125, LI150 & TV175.




About Jockeys Boxenstop.

Founded in the 90s, in Bavaria Jockeys Boxenstop have quietly gone about their business producing high spec Lambretta parts. Parts including Lambretta Disc Brakes, Halogen & LED Headlamps, Brake Shoe Kits, Chain Guides and much more. The Jockeys Boxenstop brand is not cheap but the quality of parts are second to none.

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