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Scooter Vista

Scooter Vista Lambretta LIS SX TV Grey Body Restoration Pack

Scooter Vista Lambretta LIS SX TV Grey Body Restoration Pack

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A Scooter Vista combination pack of various Lambretta parts. 

This pack is made up for Lambretta LI125 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175 & TV200 series 3 models (with Flat Edged Mudguard)

This is a basic pack for you to get your restoration up and running. A great kit of good quality parts. 

This kit consists of:

  • Handle bar Grips.
  • Horncast Side & Base Rubbers.
  • SX/TV Mudguard Rubbers.
  • Legshield Rubbers.
  • Brake Pedal Rubber.
  • Bridge Rubbers.
  • Cable tube (inside bridge).
  • Air Scoop Rubber.
  • Side Panel Rubbers.
  • Tail Lamp Rubber
  • Mud Flap.

You will get a Floor kit that consists of

  • Aluminium Floor Channels.
  • Rubber Inserts.
  • Floor End Caps.
  • Floor Plastics.

You will also get 

  • Friction Free Cable Set.
  • Speedo Cable.
  • 12 Volt Loom (non battery, comes with optional Front Brake Light Switch & Fuel Tap Warning. Also has built in Earth).
  • Side Panel Buffer Set & Clips.
  • Toolbox Rubber.
  • Toolbox Buffer set.
  • Stand Feet & Pins.
  • Kickstart Rubber.
  • Fuel Tap Grommet.
  • Rear Frame Grommets.
  • Top Airbox Rubber.
  • Oval Air Filter Gasket.
  • Fuel Tank Buffer set
  • Flywheel Cowl Grommets.
  • 2 x Triangle Rubber (for HT Lead & Throttle Cable).
  • HT Leg Grommet.


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