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BGM Tuning Vespa

BGM PRO XXL Vespa PX PE & Cosa 4 Plate Clutch Spring Set (8)

BGM PRO XXL Vespa PX PE & Cosa 4 Plate Clutch Spring Set (8)

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BGM PRO XXL Vespa PX PE & Cosa 4 Plate Clutch Spring Set (8) (289603).

bgm PRO clutch springs are manufactured in Germany and are subject to continuous quality control. The used material Oteva70® makes the springs block stable and true to size. The spring does not deflect sideways until it is blocked. When unloaded, it returns to its original length.
The clutch spring retains its full spring force.
The spring rate is significantly tighter than that of an original spring.
Ideal for performance upgraded engines.


  • Made in Germany
  • Made in Germany
  • Made in Oteva70®
  • Block stable
  • Accurate to size
  • Spring force does not decrease


    An ideal complement to the bgm PRO Superstrong Racing Red clutch facings.

    Here is an overview of the spring rates of the Cosa clutch springs commonly used on the market:

  • Piaggio: 4,0N/mm
  • WORB5 XL: 6,2N/mm
  • BGM PRO XL: 6,5N/mm
  • WORB5 XXL: 7,1N/mm
  • Malossi: 7,9N/mm
  • BGM PRO XXL: 8,0N/mm
  • WORB5 XXXL: 8,9N/mm


    Also for engine power above 25hp 10stk are required. BGM PRO XL springs in a BGM Superstrong clutch are sufficient. The clutch lever is still easy to operate (a well oiled Teflon cable helps additionally).


    Models this will fit:

    LML Star 125 2T/ DLX / Via Toscana / Deluxe  
    LML Star 150 2T / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV  
    VESPA COSA 2 '91-
    VESPA COSA 2 '91-
    VESPA COSA 2 '90-'96
    VESPA PX125 2011/ 30 Jahre '11-
    VESPA PX125 CAT '07-
    VESPA PX125 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
    VESPA PX150 2011 '11-
    VESPA PX150 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
    VESPA PX200 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
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