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Lambretta LI SX TV DL & GP Mag L Washer

Lambretta LI SX TV DL & GP Mag L Washer

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Lambretta Mag L Washer for all Lambretta Series 1 2 3 LI SX TV DL & GP.

Standard Mag "L" Washer for all models. Fits well, does the job!

This product will fit Lambretta models:

  • Lambretta Series 1 LI125, LI150.
  • Lambretta Series 2 LI125, LI150, TV175.
  • Lambretta Series 3 LI125, LI150, LI150 Special, 125 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175, TV200.
  • Lambretta DL/GP125, DL/GP150, DL/GP200.

Qty Needed: 1 .

Original Part Number: 19012038.

Diagram Number: 10.


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