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MB Scooters

MB Scooters Lambretta Carb Support & Cowl Spacer

MB Scooters Lambretta Carb Support & Cowl Spacer

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Adjustable Lambretta carb supporting bracket to hold any carb on the left hand side.

Its a fact most tuned Lambretttas use a big bore rubber mounted carb supported only by only a carb mounting rubber!

Rubbers were never designed to hold the weight of a carb, let alone the carb and a big air filter that bounces around as the engine moves on suspension.

To get around carb rubbers splitting, MB designed this simple adjustable bracket to take the weight of the carb as the engine moves and vibrates.

It fits on all engines using a cylinder with the carb on the standard left hand side.

Works with all inlet manifolds and carbs commonly used.

The spacer is clamped between the head cowling and mag housing, the support is bolted so it can be raised and lowered depending on angle of the inlet manifold and depth of carb.

Simply adjust the support to butt up against the bottom of the carbs float bowl so the carb is supported.  


1. Make sure both inlet manifold and carb are clean and dry before fitting
2. Always use the wide type Jubilee clips
3. Do not over tighten the clips
4. Always carry a spare
5. Regularly lightly twist the carb to check for splits
6. Support the base of the carb against the cowl to hold the weight of the carb

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