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SIP Performance Vespa PX PE EFL M.Y. & T5 Reinforced Clutch Circlip

SIP Performance Vespa PX PE EFL M.Y. & T5 Reinforced Clutch Circlip

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SIP Performance Vespa PX PE EFL M.Y. & T5 Reinforced & Wider Clutch Circlip. Ideal for tuned engines. 


What SIP say:

The clutch basket circlip is one of the more important peripheral clutch parts and should be carefully checked for wear and tear during every clutch inspection or service and if necessary, replaced. If the circlip is twisted or weakened it can cause the whole clutch assembly to come apart at high speed, with potentially disastrous result for the rest of your gearbox.


Strengthened and/or reinforced clutch assembly circlips are highly recommended for all performance enhanced motor setups. The circlips produced by SURFLEX are wider than the standard items. The SIP clutch basket circlips are noticeably stiffer than the standard items and similar to other smaller gearbox circlips, have two eyes at the open end to ease assembly with a circlip tool.

Models this will fit:

LML Star 150 4T / Deluxe 150 4S / Speedy / Stella
LML Star 150 2T / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV
LML Star 125 4T / Deluxe 125 4S / Speedy / Stella
LML Star 125 2T/ DLX / Via Toscana / Deluxe
MOTOVESPA 150 Sprint 1966
MOTOVESPA 150 S 1964
MOTOVESPA 200 DS 1979-
MOTOVESPA 150 S 1962
VESPA COSA 1 '88-'91
VESPA T5 Classic '92-'95
VESPA 160 GS (GS4) (D) '62-'64
VESPA PX150 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart '83-'97
VESPA 150 Sprint '65-'74
VESPA PX125 CAT '07-
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart '83-'97
VESPA PX125 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
VESPA COSA 2 '90-'96
VESPA PX150 2011 '11-
VESPA P200E / PX200 E '77-'83
VESPA 150 GS (D) '56-'65
VESPA COSA 1 '87-'90
VESPA 200 Rally '72-'79
VESPA 180 Rally '68-'73
VESPA 150 GS '55-'61
VESPA PX200 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
VESPA COSA 1 '88-'91
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart '83-'97
VESPA 180 SS Super Sport '64-'68
VESPA T5 / Elestart '85-'90
VESPA PX125 2011/ 30 Jahre '11-
VESPA PX150 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
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