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SIP Performance Vespa PX PE M.Y. Cosa 2 Sport Clutch Basket

SIP Performance Vespa PX PE M.Y. Cosa 2 Sport Clutch Basket

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SIP Performance Vespa PX PE M.Y. Cosa 2 Reinforced Clutch Basket (sport).

  • Ø 115mm, Øi 108 mm
  • compressed and hardened basket, 16 times riveted+reinforced, with ring

TUNING SPORT - powerful

What SIP say:

On tuned engines, due to the high number of revs, the clutch baskets frequently flip open. Long distance trips can also belabour and overload the basket as we ourselves have often had to experience on our SIP trips. To counter this we offer sport clutch baskets with an outer ring. As a result of this the basket is no longer able to bend open and the retaining ring stays in its groove.


The PIAGGIO clutch basket is the basis of the EM Sport basket. One of the rings from one piece is welded to the basket which prevents the crank webs from flipping open. We recommend adjusting the clutch friction plates slightly to prevent the plates from getting caught. Simply grind them a little using a file.


The SIP Sport COSA 2 clutch basket is being exclusively produced for SIP. New moulds have been designed for the external and internal basket. The basket is made out of high quality materials, the flanks are induction-hardened, surface-optimised and configured for a high precision fit. The retaining ring groove has been optimised and the internal part has been fitted with 16 spring supports and pressed in specially made rivets. The ring also consists of one unit and provides enough space for the clutch friction plates.


Models this will fit:

LML Star 150 2T / DLX / Via Toscana / Star / Stella / Belladonna RV
LML Star 125 2T/ DLX / Via Toscana / Deluxe
VESPA PX150 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart '83-'97
VESPA PX125 CAT '07-
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart 95+
VESPA PX125 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
VESPA COSA 2 '90-'96
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart 95+
VESPA PX150 2011 '11-
VESPA PX200 E '98 / Millenium '98-'05
VESPA PX125 2011/ 30 Jahre '11-
VESPA PX150 E '98 / Millenium 98A1:B14-'05



Conclusion: This is the best value type of strengthened clutch basket and a must for everyone with over 12 hp on their scooter.


SIP-TIP: The reinforced clutch circlip by SURFLEX/SIP is a must! Don`t forget to order a new clutch holding nut, safety washer, pressure plate and a pushrod. New clutch friction plates are also recommended. Clutch holding and removal tools also make this job a lot easier.

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